Meet Your Local Bird Banders - Public Presentation Saturday July 25 3:00 pm

Every summer interns from various parts of the world visit our Gelateria and restaurant from the MAPS Program. I knew they were studying our bird population but never had a chance to interact with them or understand what it is that they do here other than catch birds in nets and band them. This year three young women are in Brownwood from the Institute for Bird Populations and they are going to present an informational program on the MAPS Program and birds found at Camp Bowie. Camp Bowie is one of 500 banding stations through out the US. monitored by the Institute for Bird Populations.
"The Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Program was created by The Institute for Bird Populations in 1989. This program was designed to assess and monitor the vital rates and population dynamics of over 120 species of North American landbirds in order to provide critical conservation and management information on their populations through various publication. The MAPS Program utilizes constant-effort mist netting and banding at a continent-wide network of monitoring stations."
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Meet Your Local Bird Banders
The Turtle Restaurant
514 Center Ave
On Saturday July 25
Public Presentation 3:00PM