Here's your chance to see Joel Melton and friends at The Regency Bridge.

Saturday, November 28th Joel will be back at the White Wolf Trading Post by The Regency Suspension Bridge 14 miles NW of San Saba Texas on FM500 Playing all day and evening with Alton and Sue Watson come on out.

Alton and Sue Watson singing at the Regency Suspension Bridge in Regency Texas. Filmed by Joel Melton and Edited by T. Howard Maxwell for the film "There's Something in the Water".

Catching Up With Tom Bowden

If you wondered where he is and what is happening with our crazy guy on a bike, you can read about and see Tom's pictures here. I tried to post some of his pictures but apparently they won't upload from his website. So far Tom has made it to Roy's Campground somewhere in Mississippi.

We hope you will join us to celebrate his safe and heroic return and to contribute to Lance Armstrong's stem cell fund raiser on November 17 - Real Ale Beer and real beef hotdogs for everyone who donates. Why wait? You can donate here.

As you read Tommy's journal you meet people who have benefited from stem cell research in other countries, ordinary people like you and me whom he met as he rode his bike across America. By "other countries", I mean these Americans had to travel to other countries in order to receive treatment because other countries are more advanced than we are in their methods of the applications of stem cell research which they supported. That's embarrassing. We're supposed to be a world leader. Stem Cell research saves lives.

Our First THANKSGIVING At The Turtle

We've been opened almost 5 years and decided that since last year that number of families called to see if we would be opened on Thanksgiving, that we better accommodate our customers.

This is the menu: Chef Thomas' juicy melt-in-your-mouth prime rib or house smoked turkey. Dinner will start with our Windy Hill Mixed Green Salad. You'll choose three sides from of our list of traditional comfort dishes followed by a selection of traditional desserts. Home made milk and butter rolls will be on the table. Coffee and Tea included. Prime Rib Dinner is $36.00, Smoked Turkey is $27.00 Children under three are free. Reservations are required. Call 325-646-8200 or make them online. We'll be opened from 6:00pm - 9:00pm Not part of a big group? We'll have a community table for singles who want to dine with someone.

November 19th, 2009 Is The 5th Wine Exploration Dinner - With Alphonse Dotson Of Certenberg Vineyards

Here's a really special event. We know Brownwood is a football town and we're pretty sure Brownwood is a wine lovers kind of place. Now football and wine go together and no one has proved it more than Alphonse Dotson. He was drafted by the National Football League's Green Bay Packers, but signed with the American Football League's Kansas City Chiefs. He played for the AFL's Miami Dolphins. From 1967-1970 he played for the AFL's Oakland Raiders Mr. Dotson has traveled a long and dusty road from professional football to Certenberg Vineyards in Voca, (population 50) Texas. Wine, yes, wine.

There's a lot more to this story but we'll let Mr. Dotson tell you that himself while you dine and taste Gotas de Oro. Alphonse and his wife Martha have until now, sold all of their grapes to Fall Creek Vineyard. Fall Creek is Texas' oldest vineyard. Ed Auler, owner of Fall Creek has called Dotson's grapes the best in Texas. Fall Creek wines made with Dotson’s grapes have won major awards. Well, now the time has some for The Certenberg Vineyards to make it's own wine. The Turtle Restaurant is proud to present the first bottling of Gotas de Oro or "Drops of Gold." this nectarous wine has a heady peach, apple, floral nose with a long finish to match. It is a perfect foil for many kinds of spicy world foods from Thai to Indian to Latin. For our dinner we are choosing Latin. It could also be a dessert all by itself and complements many cheeses and sweets.

Other things you should know about Alphonse Dotson and proof he is an all round Renaissance man and a charming dinner companion: Mr. Dotson is on the board of the Texas Commission on the Arts. He studied Impressionistic Art with George Dureau and is (as we mentioned above) a former professional football player, teacher, and juvenile probation officer. Mr. Dotson is a cum laude graduate of Grambling College. In 2008, Saveur Magazine named Mr. Dotson as one of the Top 100 Most Interesting Personalities. Mr. Dotson served as President of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association in 2006 and 2007.

Sooo we can't think of any reason why everyone won't enjoy this event. Make your reservation now at The Turtle Restaurant by calling 325-646-8200 or online November 19th, 2009 7:00 pm