The Turtle Studies Mixology with The Tipsy Texan

The fall semester of Tipsy Tech started last week. I traveled all the way to Austin to study the craft under David Alan and Lara Nixon. The Turtle Bar staff has had many discussions about cocktails they've had lately, about the ills of bad mixes laden with chemicals and high fructose corn syrup and how the scene in Austin is exciting and full of all manner of new craft cocktails. All of the hard work and evangelization going on in Austin is making inroads into the cultural fabric of the city and even reaching out to bubbaville - heart of Texas - Brownwood. Once you taste the pure thing, there is no going backwards. People like Bill Norris, Rob Pate, Adam Bryant, Billy Hanke, Lara Nixon, Adam Harris, Moxy Castro, and David Alan are working to continue moving the cocktail revolution forward. They embrace the history and understanding of what was and are adding to the pantheon of new classics with their own creations. Support your craft bartenders everywhere, because they are a treasure. We love our own Ty Wolosin. Ty has been creating some amazing berry and fruit smashes and brewing up his own natural infusions and syrups.

The lineup of guest lecturers is awesome. Bobby Heugel (Anvil/Houston; and David Suro (Tequilas Restaurant/Philadelphia; Siembra Azul) will make a return appearance for our Spirits of Latin America class. Brand Master Apprentice Aaron Rodonis of Bacardi will be here to talk rum. Hugo Chambon will walk us through the Cognac region of France. Adam Harris will take us on a tour of Bourbon Country with the seminar on American Whiskey. And many more

Field Trip! Intro course students who sign up for the whole course will get to go on the Balcones Distilling facility tour in Waco, Texas. Chip Tate is on the Fall cover of Edible Austin magazine. We have their Blue Corn Whiskey and Rumble in The Turtle Enoteca. I made some very tasty caramel with the Rumble and streaked our vanilla gelato with same. Devine. Texas is growing some mighty fine distillers.

Drink Local Night-the fall semester classmates will show off their stuff at Drink Local Night. This will be the fourth year for this event, sponsored by Edible Austin magazine, and hosted by Peche/Cedar Street. Attendees will meet the distillers of Texas, and sample great cocktails made by the best bartenders in town, featuring the spirits of Texas. Peche is our favorite place to go for cocktails when we are in our capitol.

Drink Local, Eat Local, Go Texan