Catching Up With Tom Bowden

If you wondered where he is and what is happening with our crazy guy on a bike, you can read about and see Tom's pictures here. I tried to post some of his pictures but apparently they won't upload from his website. So far Tom has made it to Roy's Campground somewhere in Mississippi.

We hope you will join us to celebrate his safe and heroic return and to contribute to Lance Armstrong's stem cell fund raiser on November 17 - Real Ale Beer and real beef hotdogs for everyone who donates. Why wait? You can donate here.

As you read Tommy's journal you meet people who have benefited from stem cell research in other countries, ordinary people like you and me whom he met as he rode his bike across America. By "other countries", I mean these Americans had to travel to other countries in order to receive treatment because other countries are more advanced than we are in their methods of the applications of stem cell research which they supported. That's embarrassing. We're supposed to be a world leader. Stem Cell research saves lives.